Are Your Customers Getting Your Message?

Are Your Customers Getting Your Message?

Reaching your customers is hard in this era of flashy ad campaigns and commercials, but there is an underused tool that can help your business grow: the text message. The technology behind text messaging is known as short messaging system (SMS) and there are many benefits and advantages to incorporating it into your marketing efforts

5 Great Uses for SMS Technology in Your Company

Sales & Product Launches

If you are looking for a way to tell customers about a sale or new product, SMS marketing is a great way to do it. Linking it to your website or app would guide customers right into your “store”, increasing the chances of a purchase. Domino’s Pizza has taken advantage of SMS marketing tools, offering customers the chance to opt into the program.


As a company, you want customers to have an easy access point into your company. When there is less hassle for your customer’s, their chances of purchasing are greater. So when the lunch cravings hit, their customers don’t have to go to a website and fill out long forms, they just text for a pizza!

Appointment Reminders

SMS can also be used to remind participants of a scheduled meeting, rather than a call or email. While calls and emails can be time-consuming, texts can be automated and scheduled for delivery at a certain time.

Customer Surveys

The input of customers and clients is vital for identifying opportunities for improvement in your business model. Text messages can be great for gathering the feelings and experiences of customers in a fast and non-invasive way!

Internal Communication

When your coworker is running late or needs to get in touch with you real quick, it is much quicker to send a text than an email. Neither of you have to worry about missing a word, since there are no spam filters for texts.

Benefits of SMS and Text Marketing

No Spam

Unlike emails, texts are delivered to your clients or customers with no detours into a spam folder.

High Open Rate

While there are many studies regarding this topic, we can all confess that we open texts quicker and more frequently than emails.

High Conversion Rate

Because of the high open rate and easy accessibility, customers and clients are more likely to respond to a text message than to an email.

Fresno Area Telephone & PBX – Your Business SMS and TextProvider

SMS Technology lets you communicate with customers and coworkers just by sending a text. Don’t worry about data speeds anymore for that email or whether or not they will pick up your call, send them a text! In the fast-paced, dynamic world of business, it is imperative to reach people in the fastest way possible – don’t worry, FatPBX has you covered with our industrial-grade SMS technology. Don’t miss what your customers or coworkers are saying – contact us today to learn how our business SMS system can help you!