As technology increasingly pervades every aspect of the modern business, many business owners have delegated their company’s IT management to either dedicated in-house staff or to a managed service providers (MSP). While managed service providers are typically more efficient than maintaining an in-house IT team, it can be difficult for companies to find superior MSPs that will competently and proactively manage their IT. Even after you partner with an MSP, there is always the possibility that they do not deliver their promised value. In this post, we will discuss three signs that suggest you’re not getting the best end of the bargain with your MSP.

Poor Communication

In the world of IT, poor communication is considered the norm and a lack of social awareness is the standard. But MSPs should heave that stereotype and prioritize excellent communication, after all it’s embedded in their business model. If your current MSP is frequently difficult to reach and always unclear in their emails and calls, you should switch to another provider. As a business owner, the reason you delegate your IT services to an MSP is to alleviate the stresses of maintaining your VoIP network and response plan design meetings, not to add a business liability. Bad follow-up and vague responses are definitely a sign that you need a new MSP.


Because MSPs are responsible for managing your company’s technological infrastructure, any costs and risks associated with outages are a part of the total cost of that partnership. Just a couple minutes of lag on a computer or a 5 seconds of latency can cost you a contract or negotiation so if these events are a frequent occurrence, look for a different provider. In short, if the partnership is costing you money, rather than increasing your profits, you should look into another provider.


As your partner, MSPs should demonstrate a dedication to mutually beneficial solutions. If strategy meetings and advisory calls lack practical solutions that build your success, you may want to find another provider. If the solutions offered by your current MSP are always released behind schedule, consider giving them “the boot.” As an MSP, their response times should be reasonably quick to repair legitimately critical issues, minimizing that event’s impact on your business.

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