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Demystifying 4 VoIP Protocols

With all of the discussion about VoIP among businesses, it can be easy to get lost in the details. While you may have already explored the benefits of VoIP and understand how it works, there may be some terms that are still confusing you. For example, as you discuss...

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Things to Consider When Buying A Business PBX System

If you’ve decided to finally move your business into the arena of VoIP, you have likely already discovered that there are dozens of systems available to you. As with anything, it is important to be a savvy buyer when it comes to a VoIP system because your business...

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Are Your Customers Getting Your Message?

Reaching your customers is hard in this era of flashy ad campaigns and commercials, but there is an underused tool that can help your business grow: the text message. The technology behind text messaging is known as short messaging system (SMS) and there are many...

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What’s The Big Deal About VoIP?

There is a lot of hype about VoIP phone systems these days. Many businesses are moving from landlines and incorporating VoIP phone systems into their corporate infrastructure. However, implementing VoIP technology in your company is a big investment and many business...

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SPIT, DDoS, & Your VoIP System

Because Voice-over-Internet-Protocol phone (VoIP) phone systems have many benefits compared to the traditional Key System Unit (KSU) phone systems, many businesses are adopting VoIP systems into their infrastructure. While there are many benefits to the adoption of...

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Business SMS is an Overlooked Opportunity

FatPBX is committed to providing business-oriented communication technology that enables businesses to effectively connect with their customers. According to, 7 out of 10 people in the millennial generation and younger prefer texting over any other kind...

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