FatPBX is committed to providing business-oriented communication technology that enables businesses to effectively connect with their customers. According to StudyFind.org, 7 out of 10 people in the millennial generation and younger prefer texting over any other kind of digital communication. FatPBX will help your business reach these audiences by providing you with a professional business short messaging system (SMS).

Usually, when customers text a business phone number, the text is never received because most businesses do not leverage this kind of technology in their infrastructure. However, when you utilize our business SMS tools, customers will text your company’s phone number (or numbers, if you have multiple public-facing contacts) and a smart agent will direct the customer’s text message to the appropriate person. You can also use this smart business SMS system to connect customers with departments as well or answer general questions about hours of operations or special event information. It’s critical for any business that wants to remain successful in today’s evolving world to connect with customers using methods that their customer’s are already accustomed to using in their daily lives. Contact FatPBX to learn more about how our business SMS can help your business stand out in today’s market of average business-customer communication!