According to, over 70% of Americans prefer texting over any other form of communication.
Text messaging for Businesses - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX

Business Messaging

FATPBX has flexible and powerful messaging features. It can send and receive SMS messages from a business phone line so that users need not divulge personal cell phone numbers. It also allows intra-company messaging with any PBX contact.

Business SMS - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX

True Unified Communications

FATPBX allows you to choose the type of call you want to make with a single long tap. You can choose VoIP Call, Video Call, GSM Call or Callback. The Callback option is especially useful if you want to make a call through the PBX but don’t have a strong data signal.

Video Calling for Business - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX

Video Calling

The Video Calling option allows users to make a video call to any PBX contact that also has video capabilities.

Did you get the text?

SMS can lead to more sales and better customer communication. Get in touch with us today to learn how our business SMS services can help your business.
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