VoiceIP and advanced phone systems can increase efficiency and communication with large staff.
To succeed in the hospitality industry, your company depends on efficient and clear communication to both your employees and your customers. Fresno Area Telephone & PBX offers a powerful property management system from H-Mobile. Our series of IP PBX systems is fully compatible with H-Mobile software, allowing you to unify your logistics and operations within your company.


Our UCM series of IP PBXs is compatible with H-Mobile’s powerful Property Management System. This allows users who use or purchase H-Mobile’s software to integrate it with their UCM to allow their communications network to feed directly into their PMS in order to unify operations and logistics, ideal for the hospitality industry.

Hotel Phone Solutions - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX


Grandstream’s powerful WiFi Access Points offer high performance networking, tremendous WiFi coverage range, fast and easy provisioning/management thanks to a built-in controller, outstanding network throughput and support for a large number of clients per access point. Our access points can be paired with 3rd party routers, future Grandstream routers as well as existing WiFi networks, making them ideal for both new and existing WiFi deployments.
WiFi Access Points - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX


The GVR series of Network Video Recorders offer a dedicated video recording and live monitoring solution for small and medium businesses, retail locations, warehouses and residential users. These easy-to-use network video recorders offer auto-discovery of Grandstream cameras, motion detection and integration with third party security and alarm devices.
Network Video Recorders  - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX


Our Video Surveillance as a Service options are simple yet comprehensive, able to scale with a business of a single or multiple locations. The features our video surveillance systems offer are numerous, including:
– IP Cameras
– Redundant cloud Storage
– Live streaming on-demand
– Multi-device management access
– Mobile and desktop device access
IP Security Cameras - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX


We use one of the most secure and PCI/HIPAA compliant systems available. Our SimpleWan solutions work great for businesses that handle sensitive data that pose a high risk. With SimpleWan, fake servers are created that spoof and automatically block the attacking IP addresses. There are many security advantages to our SimpleWan network setups.

Simplicity – Auto-provisioning makes setup super easy
Connectivity – Setup and connect multiple locations in a matter of minutes with a smartphone
Security – Smart cyber security that stays updated for new malicious threats
Clarity – HD phone calls and fast data transfers
Management – All locations can be managed from 1 spot with our remote management system
Uptime – Consistent uptime with failover systems in place
Compliant – PCI and HIPAA reporting systems for ultimate ocmpliance

SimpleWan - Fresno Area Telephone & PBX

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